Ulterra specializes in the creation from conception to finish of high-quality PDC drill bits. Our most experienced customers agree that using premium PDC bits is a sound investment; that is why many operators select Ulterra products time after time.

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Steel & Matrix PDC
Ulterra's design catalog has over 3,000 unique part numbers with products ran in every major market around the world. We are constantly increasing our capacity to build premium PDC bits that are exactly what YOU need. Ulterra's able to build anything from 3-12 blades with sizes from 4.125"-26" in diameter. We can design anything to fit your specific application needs to drill in any environment in the world.
The Ultimate Stick-Slip Solution Ulterra's unique TorkBuster tool dramatically reduces bit related torque and stick-slip problems adding significant efficiency to drilling operations.
  • Improved stability, reduced stick-slip
  • Smoother reactive torque in BHA
  • Improves bit life and ROP
  • Extends PDC bit range
  • Enhances directional control
  • Reduces BHA fatigue

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Short near bit stabilizer designed specifically to achieve a better quality well bore by reducing hole spiraling and increasing directional control by changing the location of the BHA contact points.
  • Improves borehole quality
  • Reduces hole spiraling
  • More consistent dog legs in directional applications
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Ulterra designs and builds PDC bits from either steel or tungsten-carbide matrix body materials to meet customer-driven application and performance demands. Complete design and manufacturing flexibility allows Ulterra to use the best materials for the job, whether that means achieving the shortest makeup length in the industry with a single piece integrated-body steel bit or a fighting off sour gas corrosion with a resistant matrix blend.