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Ulterra CounterForce™ and TorkBuster® a Winning Combination for Major Operator in Central Australia

A major operator in central Australia recently achieved significant time and cost savings thanks to the combination of the Ulterra TorkBuster matched with the U513M CounterForce drill bit. The combination of TorkBuster and CounterForce proved to be a rock destruction solution within the challenging Permian, with the operator increasing ROP by 52% and achieving total savings of $150,000.

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Ulterra’s Fort Worth Repair Facility Hits 365 Days with No Recordables

Ulterra’s Fort Worth Repair Facility recently achieved 365 days with no recordable incidents. This type of performance represents a tremendous improvement from the previous year and was made possible by total commitment from everyone in the facility.

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OneShot Williston Update

Ulterra is proud to announce that the 8.75” U516M U02224 has earned the OneShotTM designation for curve applications in the Williston Basin. OneShot™ is a special, elite designation earned by a bit consistently achieving outstanding performance in a directional application; with performance being proven, as this status is not easy to attain.  To date, only two Ulterra bits have earned OneShot designation.

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OneShot Eagle Ford Update

We are proud to announce that the 8.5” U516S U02283 has earned the OneShot™ designation for curve and lateral applications in the Eagle Ford. OneShot™ is a special designation earned by a bit consistently achieving outstanding performance in a directional application; with performance being proven, as this status is not easy to attain.

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SPE/IADC Aligned Materials and Design Development of High ROP Drill Bits

Ulterra’s Development Leader, Aron Deen, presented at the Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference. His presentation was in regards to aligned materials and design development of high ROP drill bits. Aron’s presentation will give you a better understanding of the history and drivers of PDC design and manufacture, the realization of material strengths through design, and an inside look at the Marcellus Shale.

American Oil & Gas Reporter April 2014

As seen in American Oil & Gas Reporter in the April 2014 issue, Aron Deen speaks about the CounterForce™ cutter configuration technology. In the endless quest for faster penetration rates, longer runs and better steerability, manufacturers have introduced cutter configurations that counter vibration; bits that drill a small hole to relieve rock stress, then widen the hole to the desired diameter; and designs that turn conventional wisdom on its head by increasing ROPs with smaller cutters. Consider Ulterra’s CounterForce™ cutter configuration, which engineering project manager Aron Deen says originated from machining. “We decided to see what would happen if we adapted the tool’s staggered tooth concept to a drill bit. Because the tool reduces vibration, we hypothesized the bit would offer increased durability and higher penetration rates.” That hypothesis was proven correct. The ROP increase varies by application, but generally falls within 10-50 percent. “Because it involves rearranging components rather than using experimental parts, the bit costs the same as its predecessors and the operator’s risk is extremely low.”

Ulterra introduces high ROP PDC bit

FORT WORTH, Texas, Nov. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Ulterra announced today the availability of PDC bits incorporating the next generation FastBack technology.

Unlike traditional PDC bits, FastBack designed bits utilize a unique blade configuration that supports the cutters in a minimalist fashion. Its smaller profile eliminates wasted energy pushing a bit’s blade surface, focusing all energy on the diamond cutting surfaces. This efficiency improvement is already paying operators dividends where a Fastback bit drilled a Marcellus well 56.8% faster.

The FastBack’s new innovative blade design is possible thanks to advanced surface coatings which provide maximum erosion control without sacrificing strength. Additionally, The FastBack’s smaller blade configuration opens up the junk slot area for optimal hydraulics and enhanced cuttings evacuation. “FastBack is Ulterra’s latest breakthrough in PDC technology. It embodies advanced materials, design and manufacturing to achieve superior speed, efficiency and quality,” said Aron Deen, Engineering Project Manager.

Ulterra is a leading provider of premium drill bits and downhole tools for the oil and gas industry. Its strength resides in the experience and wisdom obtained from industry veterans, designing high-quality, high-performance PDC bits for global markets. Its localized focus enables Ulterra to respond quickly to customer’s specific applications with highly innovative and customized solutions.