UTechnology®. It’s all about You.

Ulterra’s UTechnology® brand represents our commitment to focus our technology development on “you”, our customer.  Rather than traditional product lines, Ulterra develops new technologies to address specific customer needs.  These UTechnologies can be applied through new design concepts, manufacturing processes, materials development, repair and maintenance techniques, quality control standards, or customer service quality and responsiveness.


CounterForce® – Vibration Control
A patent pending PDC bit technology which utilizes a unique cutter configuration to lower bit reactive torque and vibration, dramatically improving drilling efficiency. Unlike traditional PDC bits, the cutters of this step-change advancement work together to lower lateral vibration and increase crack propagation. The CounterForce cutting structure is engineered to slice through rock while maintaining a more consistent torque signature thus increasing stability and ROP.
  • Reduced torque and vibration
  • Improved drilling efficiency
  • Improved directional performance
  • Higher ROP

FastBack – ROP Enhancement
FastBack’s unique shape gets the blade out of the way and the cutters deep into formation. Instead of limiting PDC bits by the weaknesses of the materials, FastBack strategically aligns their strengths, each component enhances the others. The body material maximizes strength without restricting the cutting action or evacuation. Advanced surface coatings provide maximum erosion control without sacrificing strength. Hydraulic pathways have ultimate flexibility to enable extreme ROP. All of which converge on driving all available drilling energy into premium diamond cutters application optimized through Ulterra’s industry-leading LightSpeed™ cutter testing program. The result—another stepchange in Ulterra’s front-running reliability and ROP.
  • Energy focused on the cutters drills faster with lower WOB
  • Wide open blade structure provides optimal hydraulics
  • Quality-focused design and process ensures industry-leading reliability
  • Materials used deliver consistent performance
ONESHOT – Directional Performance
Ulterra’s OneShot designated bits are designed specifically for curve and lateral applications to reduce drilling time and hit precise directional targets without unnecessary bit-trips. OneShot bits have been proven in their specific applications to save operators money and reduce risk by reliably achieving build rates.
  • Reduced drilling time in the curve
  • Decreased risk of bit trips
  • Excellent directional control
SPLITBLADE – Bit Cleaning
SplitBlade looks different because it is different. The physical disruption of the typical straight blade keep cuttings separated through evacuation to keep the cutting structure clean. Dedicated hydraulic flow to physically separated portions of the cutting structure sweeps cuttings down the junk slot, reducing the risk of balling up in the bit.
  • Dedicated flow to troublesome areas
  • Reduce risk of balling
  • Improved cuttings evacuation
Heavy Oil Grade – Cuttings Evacuation
Heavy Oil Grade matrix body PDC bits are designed to drill long distances with excellent steerability, repeatability and backreaming capability. The bit’s abrasion-resistant, XT cutters optimize diamond exposure to the formation to protect the bit body; improve ROP, and enable the bit to remain in the hole longer. Enhanced hydraulics and a step-down feature behind each blade prevent sand and debris build-up and help ensure accurate steerability over the entire lateral length, even in the most unconsolidated sands. A strengthened gauge pad and robust backreaming feature ensure trouble-free backreaming while maintaining the original gauge diameter specifications.
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Higher ROP
  • Enhanced steerability
LightSpeed – Cutter Optimization
Bit performance is tied to cutter performance. Ulterra’s LightSpeed™ cutter development and assignment process assures our customers receive the most advanced cutter technology in every bit they order. Performance is monitored and optimized on a cutter-by-cutter basis on every bit run in each application. Ulterra’s industry leading pace of development and utilization puts the latest technology in both new and used bits throughout the repair and maintenance lifecycle.
  • LightSpeed makes us first to introduce new cutter technology
  • Proprietary assignment process assures new generation cutters in every run
  • Application-specific approach ensures the right cutter for any formation
  • LightSpeed asset management enables technology updates throughout the repair lifecycle