Benny the Bit, A Winners Tournament

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Benny the Bit, A Winners Tournament

Benny the Bit,  A Winners Tournament is a 2019 children’s picture book created in-house at Ulterra. Originally released and created for Ulterra’s Family Fun Day, Benny the Bit, A Winners Tournament, illustrates the competitive nature of the drilling industry and the notion that there’s a team behind every win.


This story develops when Benny notices a flyer for an upcoming drilling race. Benny gets selected as a contestant in the race but unfortunately, for Benny, this means that he needs to abide by the plan to make it out on top. There’s a few things stopping Benny: his need for speed, the tricky course, and other competitors. Will Benny make it to the end and represent his team to the best of his ability?

We encourage you to share Benny the Bit, A Winners Tournament to help us with our intention of teaching younger generations about the oil and gas industry.

Check out the original Benny the Bit to learn where Benny’s journey began.

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