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An Original Ulterra Story

Benny the Bit is a 2018 children’s picture book created in-house at Ulterra. Originally released and created for Ulterra’s Family Fun Day, Benny the Bit helps illustrate the journey of a drill bit, Ulterra’s manufacturing process, and the secret power of teal. The creation of this book was driven by the desire to teach our employees’ young kids about what their parents do here at Ulterra and to create a bigger picture of the oil and gas industry that they can easily understand.


This story focuses on a young eager drill bit named Benny who discovers that oil and gas can be found deep underground. With no time to waste, Benny begins to dig when suddenly he is faced with limitations and a bit of exhaustion. With the help of Ulterra’s engineers and manufacturing team, Benny discovers his full potential.

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We encourage you to share Benny the Bit to help us with our intention of teaching younger generations about the oil and gas industry.

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