Major Operator in the Delaware Basin Drills Lateral at Record Speed with Ulterra’s New RipSaw™ Technology

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In the southern Delaware Basin, operators are faced with the challenge of drilling through transitional formations in the intermediate sections. While drilling the horizontals, laminated sections are often encountered, bringing unexpected challenges from well to well.

Recently, a major operator drilling in the southern Delaware Basin set a goal to drill the entire well with one BHA per interval while reducing non-productive time (NPT). This operator teamed up with Ulterra to complete their drilling operation while putting Ulterra’s new RipSaw™ technology to the test.

Utilizing Ulterra’s 6.75” RPS613, the operator drilled 10,394 ft. at an astounding ROP of 125 ft/hr, outpacing the previous record set by the RPS613 just a couple of weeks prior. Throughout the run, Ulterra’s RPS613 had an average rotating ROP of 201 ft/hr and an average sliding ROP of 77 ft/hr. In just 9.6 days, they drilled the entire well running 100% Ulterra drill bits, with an average of 1,861 ft. drilled per day. According to the data, this is the fastest 6.75” lateral drilled over 10,000 ft. in the Texas Delaware Basin.

Ulterra’s patent-pending RipSaw™ technology has proven to provide a solution to transitional drilling using active torque technology. In field testing, RipSaw’s active cutting elements have delivered a manageable torque response. Doing this has provided operators with a bit that can continue drilling through interbedded and laminated formations not only through the various formations of the intermediates but also through the inconsistent zones of the laterals.

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