Manti Tarka Permian Drills Fastest 12.25” Section in the Southern Delaware Basin with Ulterra’s SPL616

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Manti Tarka Permian (MTP) set a new standard for drilling in the Permian Basin while drilling in Ward County, Texas. MTP is an exploration company that focuses on the development of the Permian Basin’s Southern Delaware Basin. MTP recently teamed up with Ulterra while targeting a Bone Springs well.

The Bone Springs formation is approximately 3,000 ft thick and consists of mixed lithologies of tight sands and organic-rich shales. Prior to reaching this depth, operators are challenged with drilling through a ~3,000 ft thick salt section, as well as a ~3,000 ft thick Delaware sand section (composed of Bell/Cherry and Brushy Canyon).

Achieving Directional Control

Manti Tarka Permian and Ulterra worked together to carefully select the right drill bit, downhole tools, and technology for their operation. Ulterra’s team recommended their SplitBlade technology to help Manti Tarka Permian maximize drilling efficiency (ROP) and help maintain directional control.

Utilizing Ulterra’s 12.25” SPL616, MTP set a Ward County record for the fastest run through the salt/Delaware Sand section and into the Bone Springs formation with a 12.25” hole. MTP drilled 6,645 ft. in 60.3 hours, drilling from a measured depth (MD) of 1,830 ft to 8,475 ft MD on a conventional assembly.

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