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Counterforce® Technology by Ulterra

CounterForce® technology is field-proven with over 50 million feet of hole drilled every year! Downhole drilling vibration caused by bit and formation contact often damages premium PDC bits, leading to subpar drilling performance. With Ulterra’s CounterForce technology, operators can significantly minimize vibration to increase drilling efficiency. Applying patented cutter orientations, the technology takes control of vibrational energy and directs those forces back at the formation. This means operators can improve toolface control, bit life, and dull condition while increasing ROP.

Lateral vibration is detrimental to the integrity of traditional cutting structures, but Ulterra’s proprietary CounterForce cutting structure redirects the lateral vibration back into the formation, keeping the cutters sharper, longer.

Get these CounterForce Advantages

Delivers Higher ROP

Enhances drilling efficiency, which means less energy wasted and more energy failing the rock.

Reduces Bit Vibration

Advanced cutter orientation re-directs harmful vibration forces and engages with the bottom hole pattern to increase stability.

Smooths Toolface Control

The enhanced stability of the cutting structure delivers steady toolface and predictable orientation.

Lowers Cost-Per-Foot

Maximized the bit potential, allows operators to drill farther with less dysfunction, so that you reach total depth as quickly as possible.

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Maximize Rock Failure

Remove more rock with less energy when the drilling force is working with you rather than against you. That’s what you get with CounterForce’s advanced cutter orientation that maximizes rock failure by redirecting energy back into the formation. Unlike conventional PDC bits, the cutters work together using a proprietary cutter angle that slices the formation and allows the bit to grasp the bottom hole pattern. The resultant traction and stability manage what would be destructive and efficiency-robbing vibration, so you can also improve toolface control while enhancing the bit life and dull condition. CounterForce bits have been proven to remain sharper and last longer for enhanced ROP while reducing bit trips.


Our customers rely on CounterForce to get the job done, no other drilling technology drills more hole than CounterForce.

  • Bits with CounterForce technology drill over 50 million feet of hole every year cutting through over 2 million tons of rock.
  • A CounterForce bit goes in hole to drill every 30 minutes.
  • There has been a CounterForce bit run on every continent.

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