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HOG Technology by Ulterra

Canada’s heavy oil sands are the third largest oil deposit in the world and hold 96% of the oil reserves found in Canada. Access to the 165 billion barrels of oil requires drilling multiple long horizontal sections of extremely abrasive sands that can heavily erode standard drill bit cutting structures and gauge pads leading to bit body damage and poor steerability. Wellbore quality and safe operations are also highly important as backreaming through sloughing wellbores can be as large of a challenge as drilling.

To face these challenges, Ulterra created the Heavy Oil Gauge (HOG) series of steel PDC bits. These bits are designed to perform under the harshest conditions. Made in Canada, HOG bits greatly reduce trips with excellent durability, steerability, and backreaming capability. Ulterra’s premium abrasion resistant cutters protect the bit, improve ROP, and drill significantly further compared to the competition. Enhanced hydraulics prevent sand buildup, and Ulterra’s FastBack™ technology provides accurate steerability over multiple lateral sections in all drilling conditions. A strengthened gauge pad elevates borehole quality with trouble-free backreaming capability. Drilling clean and precise wellbores help reduce drilling costs and assure a successful completion for a productive well that lasts for years.

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Deeper Insight

Get to know all the benefits you get with Ulterra’s HOG.

Ulterra bit with superior durability while drilling a multi-lateral 7.875” well on a single BHA.

Abrasion Resistant Hard Facing

Premium hard facing is applied to protect against wear and abrasion which improves performance leg after leg and remarkably reduces bit damage.

High-Performance Premium Cutters

Highly exposed, extremely tough, abrasion-resistant cutters are designed to retain a sharp cutting edge when drilling fast ROPs through challenging formation types.

Engineered Cutter Configuration

Ulterra bits have cutters configured by dedicated engineers using internally developed software to mitigate cutter wear and reduce impact damage.

Enhanced Hydraulics

Nozzle position is optimized using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to mathematically model fluid balance, bit cleaning, and reduced body erosion.

Strengthened Gauge Pad

Large TSP diamonds and in-gauge PDC cutters are engineered into a gauge pad designed to provide extra protection in abrasive applications.

Robust Backreaming Feature

Special bit body geometry supporting PDC cutters create a very effective backreaming feature that allows for easy rotation out of the hole without sticking.

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