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Ulterra OMEGA is a modern process that addresses the inadequate annual cutter launches of the past with cutter development that doesn’t stand still. To achieve this, OMEGA Technology combines the development and allocation process with cutter technology under one house for a turnkey solution that keeps up with the fast pace of development in the industry.

This approach runs throughout Ulterra, fostering a culture of industry-leading success at lightning speed. As BHA’s evolve with new motor and rig capabilities, this can affect how cutters interact with the formation during drilling. Simply put, OMEGA quickly delivers new cutter technology that works.

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Get to know all the benefits you get with Ulterra’s OMEGA.

The OMEGA Process


To get the very best performance, Ulterra OMEGA engineers develop the right technology for your application. Using lean methodology, new technology reaches the field in under 30 days.


Ulterra communicates daily with OMEGA Partner engineers as part of the development feedback loop. To get the latest technology to the field fast, Ulterra engineers quickly provide performance analysis back for the next development in cutter technology

The Technology Inside

OMEGA delivers continuous improvement on the three most critical characteristics of a cutter; resistance to abrasion, impact, and thermal degradation. Using industry-leading technology, real-world performance is turned into further improvements in Diamond, Substrate, and Leaching formulations.


Where abrasive and impact resistance starts. Engineered using proprietary grain size distribution and processing techniques.


Improves cutter durability with tungsten carbide grade and interface advancements that balance internal stress with maximum bonding strength.


The finishing touch, licensed deep leaching capabilities match depth to each cutter grade for improved thermal stability and game-changing performance.

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