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SplitBlade® is the latest advancement in PDC bit engineering and is designed to provide new levels of performance, durability, and control. By redesigning hydraulics to improve cuttings evacuation and prevent recirculation, this innovative bit design unleashes cutter performance and boosts ROP. Now all available drilling energy is concentrated into the formation to make hole—empowering operators to push the boundaries of performance to the next level. SplitBlade eliminates performance limiters created by slower and inefficient cutting evacuation, and keeps cutters clean for faster drilling.

The Three Pillars of SplitBlade

Double Barrel Hydraulics

SplitBlade works by creating fluid channels to improve cuttings evacuation. We place a nozzle exactly at the point of separation to focus hydraulics on evacuating cuttings quicker. By separating the primary blades and their cutting structures we can focus hydraulic flow to wash each section better. This keeps the cutters cleaner, cooler, and in better condition to drill at peak levels of performance for longer.

Two-in-One Cutter Layouts

SplitBlade breaks physical limitations with new opportunity that is only from Ulterra. These physical design elements include the cone layout for control, and the shoulder layout for durability and speed. By separating these layouts SplitBlade bits can achieve higher levels of performance that were previously out of reach.

Lateral Contact Distribution

SplitBlade bits increase distribution of lateral points of contact to the formation while drilling to drastically improve tool face control. More distribution of contact means smoother rotation, and a cleaner application of weight to the formation. This reduces torque variances which helps directional steering and tracking, and also maintaining your quadrant while sliding.

Get these SplitBlade Advantages

Increased ROP

The unique blade design of SplitBlade prevents cuttings from collecting around the cutters and junk slot, unleashing performance at the cutters with superior hydraulics.

Cost Savings

Field-proven to operate at lower cost by providing increased average footage, reduced tripping, and improved performance.

Tool Face Control

Overcomes the challenges associated with drilling directionally by offering dependable control for advanced accuracy in the curve while achieving a stay-put level of tracking in lateral applications.

See the Difference

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Deeper Insight

Get to know all the benefits you get with Ulterra’s SplitBlade.

The Design Difference

Blade Separation

The inner blade geometry is offset forward to create separation, creating specific flow channels that carry away cuttings more easily and free up drilling potential.

Cutter Layout

The premium-grade PDC cutters have greater radial freedom—specially engineered by work and force simulations to stay cleaner and drill new formation faster.

Nozzle Focus

The nozzle positions are designed to create dedicated fluid channels and engineered to ensure cone and shoulder cutters get fresh hydration. Leading to exceptional bit hydraulics and drilling dynamics.

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