Performance Through Durability

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Drill with Maximum Durability

That’s Innovation at Work

To meet the most challenging hard rock applications Ulterra has developed the XP™ range of bits. XP are the most durable PDC drill bits with the highest quality design, materials, and manufacturing. Coupled with our relentless improvement process, this results in an XP bit that delivers the best possible performance even under the most difficult of drilling environments.

Built for the Toughest Applications

Hard rock? Transition zones? Highly interbedded lithologies? XP has it covered. Whatever drilling challenges you might be facing, Ulterra has the knowledge and expertise to help you break through and drill with maximum efficiency. Our XP bits are specifically designed for each application and paired with the latest premium PDC cutter technology, and our rapid design and prototyping process means we can make changes and improve performance on every well. A true custom fit that ensures that there are no compromises.

Performance Through Durability

Modern drilling practices require the PDC bit to withstand much higher drilling parameters, particularly an increased WOB. In fact, operators are constantly trying to eliminate and extend the limits of drilling in order to achieve increasingly challenging drilling targets. This high energy input requires the highest level of durability to ensure that the PDC bit is not the weak link in the chain. XP bits are manufactured and engineered to ensure that they never become the performance limiter.

Get these XP Advantages

  • Over-engineered bit body to ensure structural integrity
  • Cutter positioning and face modeling to reduce tangential overload
  • Application-specific premium PDC cutters
  • Force balanced for maximum stability

Reliability in the Toughest Applications

Ulterra’s ongoing materials and manufacturing research means that XP PDC bits will always use the latest technology to help unleash maximum drilling performance while lasting longer downhole. Longer lasting performance means reliability, and a more reliable bit is one you can trust, even in the toughest applications.

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