TorkBuster TD®

Improve BHA survivability and deliver maximum drilling energy.




TorkbusterTD at stockpoint
TorkBuster TD®


Deflect Damaging Dysfunction

TorkBusterTD™ is a downhole tool designed to isolate HFTO and stick-slip and neutralize their harmful effects to improve survivability of the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA). Made in America, the TD tool has a compact yet robust construction that is always-on, actively deflecting torsional vibration for healthy drill string rotation. By deflecting destructive harmonic frequencies from the drill string it reduces shock and vibration with no dependency on drilling hydraulics. With TorkBusterTD™, your BHA is free to deliver maximum drilling energy from your parameters.

TorkBusterTD™ protects against common BHA Failures:

1. Motor failures

2. Twist-off

3. Washouts

4. DBR bits

5. Connection cracks

6. Reduced RSS control

TorkbusterTD tool fighting HFTO vibration
TorkBuster TD®



Ulterra designed TorkBusterTD™ to offset common counterproductive forces and deliver maximum energy to your drill string.

Defeat HFTO

High-Frequency Torsional Oscillation (HFTO) is the drill string’s silent killer since it flies under the radar of most traditional drilling equipment. Occurring between 100Hz–300Hz, HFTO is essentially a high-speed torsional resonance in your BHA. In simple terms, a combination of a hard formation and high energy input causes HFTO. When HFTO occurs, BHA failures will follow, usually when tangential acceleration accumulates over 100G.

Mitigate Stick/Slip

Stick/slip is a well known drilling dysfunction that commonly occurs when drillers are pushing the envelope for performance.

Reduce Shock Loads

Shock can be a severe source of damage to directional drilling equipment. Limiting peak shock load can result in significant cost savings in repair and maintenance of your BHA and sensor drilling equipment.

TorkBuster TD Tool Cutaway Technical View
TorkBuster TD®


Solid Construction for Maximum Reliability

Ulterra builds the TorkBusterTD™ anti-stick tool with solid-state technology, engineering in superior materials, and designing out any hydraulically driven components that commonly cause malfunction. This smart engineering gives TorkBusterTD™ the same highly reliable construction built into all Ulterra’s products. It has a fixed length with a near-zero pressure drop across the tool. TorkBusterTD™ also features proprietary damping technology designed to provide smooth torque to and from the drill string.

Because we’re giving the BHA a slight deflection, the bit can engage formation variations more smoothly. This minor adjustment results in a more consistent depth of cut and a more dependable differential across the motor for better performance.

Short length

We built a compact tool that fits anywhere in the BHA. The fixed-length minimizes the effect on bit to bend ratios and provides consistent differential, letting you place the tool exactly where you need the most protection.

No Hydraulic Reliance

No hydraulically-driven components means fewer points of failure, more robust functionality, and less impact on drilling performance.

Full Bore

The solid-state construction means that we maintain full bore diameter throughout the entire length of the tool.

Data that Informs

Advanced data collection using built-in A/B sensors illustrates exactly how and where the tool is working in each well you drill.

TorkBuster TD Tool Cutaway Technical View
TorkBuster TD®


Inner Diameter

2.25 in | 57.1 mm

Make-up Length

36.85 in | 936 mm

Ultimate Tensile Load

475,000 lbs | 2,112 kN

Burst Pressure Max

15,000 psi | 103 MPa

Temperature Max

350 F | 177 C

Tool Connections

NC50 (4-1/2 IF)

Make-up Torque

23,800 – 26,100 ft-lbs
32,300 – 35,350 N-m

Ulterra TorkBusterTD Tool on forklift
TorkBuster TD®


TorkBusterTD™ Improves Drilling Dynamics

TorkBusterTD™ is proven to increase BHA survivability, reduce shock loading above and below the tool, and mitigate HFTO and torsional dysfunction. TorkBusterTD™ has a self-contained paired data acquisition system with two high-frequency drilling dynamics recorders and optional enhancement.

Our talented team of after-action engineers quickly translates the data into A-B comparison reports that showcase direct drilling insights. These data-driven insights show you how effective the tool was in protecting your BHA. They also show the difference TorkBusterTD™ makes for more efficient rock failure and improved ROP.