Drilling Minute

Drilling Minute – Directional Applications

When most people think of oil & gas drilling, they think of a rig punching vertical holes in the ground, and for most of history, that was the case. Now drilling commonly involves complex geometry including builds, turns, and tangents in order to construct the desired well. This is achieved by directional drilling, which is the subject of this Drilling Minute.

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Drilling Minute – Bit Hydraulics

Fluid flow can do some pretty amazing things, from cutting precise lines in steel to forming the Grand Canyon – it all depends on how much, where, and how fast. In this Drilling Minute, we’ll learn how mud flow is optimized for PDC drilling with bit hydraulics.
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Drilling Minute – PDC Bit Overview

Ever since prehistoric times, mankind has built millions of tools used to make holes. But is there one bit to rule them all? In this Drilling Minute, we’ll discuss the most prevalent type of oil & gas drill bit today – the PDC drill bit.

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Drilling Minute – Drilling Energy

If you’ve ever tried to dig a hole by hand, you probably got tired doing it. That is because it took energy to make the hole. In this Drilling Minute, we’ll look at how energy is used to drill an oil & gas well.
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