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Ulterra Founded in Fort Worth, TX

Ulterra Drilling Technologies is founded with headquarters and manufacturing in Fort Worth, Texas


Acquired United Diamond

Ulterra acquires United Diamond and its manufacturing facility in Alberta, Canada, adding a full line of steel PDC bits and TorkBuster® and TruGauge downhole tools.


Introduces CounterForce

Ulterra introduces its CounterForce® technology, which won the World Oil Award for Best Drilling Technology in 2013.


API Certified

Ulterra completes the American Petroleum Institute (API) Certification Audit of its Quality Management System (QMS), achieving compliance with ISO 9001:2015, API Q1 9th edition, and API 7-1.


Certified Repairs

Ulterra becomes the only major bit company with certified repairs.


#1 in North America

Ulterra captures the #1 market share position for PDC bits in the U.S.


Introducing Split Blade

In 2018, we make the first significant expansion to our drilling technology lineup with the introduction of Split Blade PDC bits. Focused on maximizing hydraulics to improve cuttings evacuation, the Split Blade innovation included many improvements over what a standard PDC drill bit offered.


The Mining Industry

Ulterra enters into the mining industry with the launch of the Rippa® drilling system.


New Manufacturing Facilities

Ulterra opens its first-ever matrix manufacturing facility in Canada, and Ulterra opens a new repair facility in Saudi Arabia.


Downhole Tools

Ulterra expands into drilling tools with the launch of the TorkBusterTD® BHA Torsional Dampener.