Benny the Bit, An All Teal Family

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Benny the Bit,  An All Teal Family is a 2020 children’s picture book created in-house at Ulterra. Originally released and created for Ulterra’s Family Fun Day, Benny the Bit, An All Team Family, tells a story about a family working together to drill a well.


This story develops when Benny’s parents surprise him with his new baby sister, Penelope. After the excitement subsides – it’s all business. The whole family heads to the rig and it’s time to drill. Each family member goes on to drill their section — Dad, Mom, Benny, and then.. Penelope is put to the challenge to finish the well. How will Penelope perform during her drilling debut?


We encourage you to share Benny the Bit, An All Teal Family to help us with our intention of teaching younger generations about the oil and gas industry.

Check out the original Benny the Bit to learn where Benny’s journey began.

Check out Benny the Bit, A Winners Tournament to read about Benny’s big race.

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