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Best Directional Control

OneShot™ Technology by Ulterra

OneShot is an elite designation for proven top performers in curve & lateral applications. OneShot bits utilize a proprietary combination of design features proven to achieve consistent performance in three critical areas:

  • Directional Control – OneShot bits have excellent tool face control with minimal walk, even with higher differential pressure.
  • Reliability to TD – OneShot bits finish the interval without having to trip for the bit.
  • Efficient ROP – OneShot bits painlessly save the operator hours in the interval.

OneShot bit design builds on lessons learned all the way from the legendary UD513, possibly the most successful early PDC in directional applications. Ulterra engineers have developed a large toolbox of proprietary technologies and combinations of features that work together to achieve the precise balance of directional control, responsiveness, reliability, and ROP required for true directional performance. OneShot bits often employ:

  • SplitBlade Technology – to improve cuttings evacuation and improve energy transfer to the cutters, as well as distributing loading across the hole bottom for better tool face control.
  • Counterforce Technology – to reduce lateral vibration, keeping the tool face control stable and improve hole smoothness.
  • 4 blades-to-center – utilize the full design canvas to balance the cutting structure against whirl and over-engagement.
  • Limited depth of cut – load limiters in the cone prevent WOB surges from causing erratic torque spikes while sliding.
  • Low blade count – OneShot bits don’t sacrifice ROP with high blade‐ count to achieve smooth tool face control.
  • Cutter Layout – cutter layouts are created in a specific profile and pattern proven to balance torque response with aggressiveness.

OneShot bits have earned a special designation through consistent, customer recognized performance. OneShot bits have achieved numerous directional performance records for operators around the world, reducing drilling hours, reducing trips, improving wellbore conditions, and hitting the directional target, every time.

Get these OneShot Advantages

  • Best Directional Control
  • Reliability to TD
  • Drills Unconventional Curves and Laterals Faster
  • Fewer Bit Trips
  • Efficient ROP

  • Reduced Walk Tendency
  • Reduced Sliding Time
  • Cuts hours off the interval
  • Stable Reactive Torque

Industry-Leading Performance

Fewer Bit Trips

OneShot bits are designed to achieve consistent performance in three critical areas:

  • Excellent tool face control with minimal walk, even with high differential pressure
  • Ability to finish the curve without having to trip for the bit
  • Efficient ROP leading to a reduction of hours in the curve

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