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At Ulterra, we create content and resources that are intended to entertain, educate, and further promote the oilfield.

Ulterra’s Drill Bit Reference Guide

The REF™

Ulterra’s REF is an ebook created to help drilling professionals visualize, understand, and discuss the most common and important aspects of PDC bit design.

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Ulterra's PDC Drill Bit Reference Guide


Ulterra’s Benny the Bit

An Original Ulterra Story

Ulterra’s Benny the Bit is a children’s picture book created in-house at Ulterra. Benny the Bit helps illustrate the journey of a drill bit, Ulterra’s manufacturing process, and the secret power of teal.

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A Winners Tournament

Ulterra’s Benny the Bit, A Winners Tournament illustrates the competitive nature of the drilling industry and the notion that there’s a team behind every win.

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