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Blue Dome Operating sets a Haynesville Curve/Lateral Record

Blue Dome Operating running Cactus 159 with MS Directional set a one-run curve/lateral record with an Ulterra bit equipped with FastBack technology.




Harrison County, Texas



Feet Drilled

93.7 ft/hr

Average ROP in the Curve/Lateral Combined Section


Fastest One-Bit Curve/Lateral Section in Blue Dome History

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On a recent well in Harrison County, Texas, Blue Dome Operating set a new one-run curve/lateral record targeting the Haynesville. At a depth-in of 10,142 ft., the crew on Cactus Drilling Co 159 utilized Ulterra’s new 6.75” U611S to drill the 9,185 ft. section at an average ROP of 93.7 ft/hr. Partnering with MS Directional and our team in the Haynesville, Blue Dome drilled their fastest one-bit curve/lateral section of all time!

About FastBack™ Technology

Ulterra’s FastBack technology gets the blade out of the way to increase maximum ROP potential. By using superior materials and engineering principles, we can design the bit in a way that focuses more of the drilling energy on the PDC cutters themselves.

About Cactus Drilling Company

Cactus is the largest privately held domestic land drilling contractor in the United States. They provide competent, motivated personnel utilizing premium equipment to meet and exceed the drilling requirements of their customers. The vision and objective of their employees is to provide maximum value to customers… and to be the “Contractor of Choice”. Source:

About MS Directional

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, MS Directional is ranked as a leading independent directional drilling services company with an established presence in most major producing onshore oil and gas basins in the United States. Source: