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Revolutionary Down-The-Hole Drilling Technology


High-Performance Drilling Solutions

Ulterra builds its drilling solutions for mining applications using the latest developments in drilling technology and our proprietary design software. Our first priority is safety, followed closely by developing highly efficient tools and relationships so our customers can drill further in less time than ever before.


Local Experts & OPERATIONAL Support

Ulterra understands the value of highly-skilled personnel with local knowledge. These individuals know operator requirements, local customs, local formations, and they support the local community. We recognize that having personnel based in the same area as drilling operations is critical to success. Ulterra has experienced support personnel available on-site to facilitate face-to-face meetings and provide the highest quality of support.



Ulterra’s experienced engineers work closely with our customers, quickly developing products that improve performance and increase productivity for mining operations. Our products work better because they solve the real-world issues our customers bring to us.


PDC Drill Bits introduce a new generation of
drilling technology for the mining industry.
Using PDC diamond technology, our PDC bits drill further, faster, and smoother than existing roller cone bits.

SOFTDRIVE® Torsional Shock Absorber

SoftDrive® absorbs and deflects torsional vibration and shock for smoother drilling. It prevents top drive stalls, reduces rod rattle, and increases bit life. There’s less need for the operator to exit the cab for tool changes or rig maintenance, improving speed and safety.


More than a Provider.
A Drilling Partner

Ulterra builds our reputation on consistency, performance, and trust. We lead the industry in responsiveness and customer service because we understand and provide the level of support required to get the job done. With Ulterra, you get more than a drilling bit. You get a drilling team.

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