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Major Operator Drills Best in Class Well using all Ulterra Bits

A major operator in the Midland Basin uses four Ulterra bits to drill an all-teal well in record time. The well plan called for a mix of drilling technology across each size including a 14.75” CF716, 11” CF616, 7.875” RPS613, and a 7.875” SPL616.

CF716, CF616, RPS613, SPL616



Split BladeSplit Blade

West Texas

14.75", 11", & 7.875”


Feet Drilled

7.8 Days

Spud to TD


Ulterra Drill Bits

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A major Midland Basin operator recently drilled a best in class well in 7.8 days from spud-to-TD. Utilizing four Ulterra bits, including a 14.75” CF716, 11” CF616, 7.875” RPS613, and a 7.875” SPL616 – this operator drilled over 20,000 ft. and released the rig in just 9.6 days.

To help meet their directional drilling objectives, this operator partnered with Stryker Energy Directional Services, LLC to reach their target in the Lower Spraberry formation. Overall, an incredible well delivered by our partners in the Permian.

About CounterForce® Technology

Counterforce technology from Ulterra is focused on improving drilling dynamics by reducing and harnessing vibrational energy. Counterforce is the first line of defense to get the most from your BHA.

About Split Blade® Technologies

Ulterra’s patented Split Blade technology is the first PDC bit technology aimed at improving cuttings evacuation while simultaneously raising the ceiling on your maximum ROP capability. By separating primary hydraulic flow into dual channels per primary blade, Split Blade technology keeps the cone and shoulder of the bit equally cooled and well cleaned to unleash maximum drilling performance.