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Challenging Limits.

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Empowering People to Advance the Oilfield

For the forward-thinking drilling professional, Ulterra is your trusted partner that relentlessly provides innovative drilling solutions. Our business partners rely on Ulterra’s drilling solutions to cut through even the toughest geological formations with ease.

By challenging the limits of drilling operations, Ulterra is constantly developing innovative bit technology to better adapt to changing drilling conditions and specific application requirements.

Ulterra is dedicated to increasing our customer’s speed and performance to help unleash the full potential of the oilfield.


Rather than traditional product lines, we develop new bit technologies to address your needs.

PDC Drill Bits

Improved ROP

We match the right PDC bit with the right application to lower your drilling costs, reduce non-productive time, and mitigate risk.

Downhole Tools

Better Efficiency

Add significant efficiency to your drilling operations with Ulterra’s downhole tool technology.


Deeper Insight.

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