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PDC Drill Bits for Mining

Made in America

Ulterra is the leading provider of exploration drill bits in North America. With decades of experience, Ulterra partners with customers to deliver innovative drilling solutions that exceed performance targets.

PDC Revolution

Ulterra PDC bits help deliver better collaring for straighter holes from top to bottom. With a PDC bit, you can unleash your ROP to drill more feet compared to roller cones. This means, you can drill your bench faster while saving costs.

PDC Rotary Drilling Tools

Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC)

Blast more holes with PDC cutters from Ulterra. Diamond cutters are more durable, make smaller cuttings, and last longer than tungsten carbide inserts or hardened steel teeth.

Hard-Faced Steel Body

Maintain drill bit integrity with Ulterra’s hardfaced steel-body bit. With no moving parts, PDC drill bits are more durable than roller-cone or tricone bits.

Drill, Efficiently

Ulterra PDC bits deliver faster ROP and drill smoother than the competition. This helps you save on overall drill maintenance, fuel, and overall wear and tear on the drill.


Each cutter is pressed with 1 million PSI


Top 5 Reasons to Use a PDC Drill Bit

1. More Durable, longer bit life

2. Increased ROP

3. Straighter holes

4. Smoother Drilling

5. Better Collaring

How does this benefit me?

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PDC Shearing

Ulterra PDC bits uses a shearing motion to cut the rock instead of crushing it. In all types of rock, this means higher drilling efficiency that traditional roller cone bits can’t match. By using shear force to cut rock, you can drill twice as fast with the same amount of weight applied.

Roller cone Crushing

Traditional roller cone bits use a crushing/grouping motion to cut through rock instead of crushing it, requiring relatively higher WOB.


Ulterra PDC

Roller Cone

How it cuts

Shear Crush  


Very high Low


Very high Low

Lost Cone Risk

No Yes


Low High

No Moving Parts, Faster Performance

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