Pertamina Hulu Mahakam Sets Two New Records in East Kalimantan with Ulterra’s 8.5” SPL616 “Thanos” Bit

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Increased Stability

In the Marvel Universe, Thanos takes the lead as the most powerful character whose main objective was to bring stability to the entire universe. In the oil and gas industry, Ulterra takes the lead on designing drill bits to help operators achieve their drilling objective; whether that is to bring stability, speed, or durability to their drilling operation.

Whichever the goal, Ulterra’s team offers proper bit selection to improve drilling efficiency and deliver value to operators worldwide. Recently, Ulterra’s 8.5” SPL616 was referred to as the “Thanos” of the oil and gas drill bit industry by Pertamina Hulu Mahakam (PHM), an Indonesian Government-owned Oil Company.

Pertamina Hulu Mahakam gave the opportunity to Ulterra for its first-ever run in Indonesia. The PHM drilling team identified SplitBlade™ and CounterForce™ can possibly further enhance performance in Tunu Field, East Kalimantan province. Drilling a mile a day has become the new normal in this field and Ulterra was given the chance to prove the SplitBlade and CounterForce design concept.

Initial Field Test Results

Utilizing Ulterra’s 8.5” SPL616, PHM surpassed their first drilling objective of 1,750 m, drilling 1,804 m. in just 24 hours with an average ROP of 127.5 m/hr. In the upper section, Ulterra’s SPL616 demonstrated a very impressive directional response with torque slightly increased in normal trend. Drilling the rest of the interval to a total depth of 4,013 m, Ulterra’s SPL616 drilled 2,611 m in 28.48 on bottom hours with an overall average ROP of 91.7 m/hr.

The SplitBlade and CounterForce design along with technical limit operations and optimizations by Pertamina, rig contractor and drilling crew, and directional company resulted in 2 records broken. PHM achieved a new drilling footage record in 24 hours, as well as a new field ROP record. Altogether, Ulterra’s SPL616 demonstrated great performance, saving PHM roughly 1.3 days of drilling time.

Increased Speed

Following this initial run, PHM gave another opportunity to Ulterra to prove the initial results were not a fluke while testing the bit to break its own record. PHM utilized another SPL616 on RSS BHA to drill 2,132 m., outpacing the record set by PHM and Ulterra aforementioned. Finishing the well to total depth, PHM continued to drill 2,905 m in just 31.6 on bottom hours. The combination of optimized bit design, enhanced drilling parameters, fast connection and survey, and cooperation of PHM, drilling contractor, and service companies yielded a record-breaking performance. The bit design will be enhanced to drill more challenging and deeper wells in PHM drilling operations.

THANOS is a registered trademark of Marvel Characters, Inc.
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