The Evolution of Air Drilling

Bringing the Performance and consistency of PDC bits to air drilling applications.

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AirRaid® is the newest industry innovation bringing the performance and consistency of PDC bits to air drilling applications. For the forward-thinking oilfield professionals drilling air intervals, AirRaid is the first and only PDC drill bit that offers the most in durability and toughness for air drilling applications. AirRaid makes AirPDC™ possible, and this new class of bit is specially engineered to control air flow to maintain integrity throughout the interval. As a result, this revolutionary new bit drills faster than roller cones without the moving parts.

Get these AirRaid Advantages

PDC Technology on Air

AirRaid PDC drill bits are the first to bring state of the art PDC drilling technology for extreme air drilling applications, including industry-leading deep leached PDC cutters, matrix tungsten compounds, durable steel alloys, and engineered hydraulic profiles.

Deep Leached Cutters

AirRaid bits make optimum use of Ulterra’s industry renown deep leached PDC cutters. Ulterra’s leached cutters allow for improved resistance to thermal and abrasive wear to help increase performance and extend bit life.

PDC Bit Bodies

Drilling in air applications can create some of the most abrasive conditions possible. Ulterra’s AirRaid bits made with matrix bit bodies encompass the ultimate in durability. With a heavy mixture of premium grade tungsten and specialization in erosive and abrasive resistance, AirRaid bits will last for the entire interval and more. Allowing for your application to mud-up after your air interval, matrix bodied bits will continue to drill strong.

Clean Hydraulics

The most treacherous element of drilling on air is the cuttings to air mixture. This can create a visceral sandpaper that abrades and wears down both bit bodies and cutting structures alike. With AirRaid’s patented new clean hydraulics approach, PDC bits can drill like never before and drill damage free well past the point of completion.

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