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Operator Set Best-in-Class-Lateral Run in Duchesne County

An operator targeting the Uteland Butte drilled a record curve/lateral combination using Ulterra’s CounterForce PDC bit technology.




Duchesne County, Utah


11.8 Hours

1,096 ft Curve Section


Total Feet Drilled

127 ft/hr

Average ROP

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On a recent run in Duchesne County, Utah, an operator partnered with our team to drill their 8.75” curve/lateral section. The BHA consisted of Ulterra’s 8.75” CF613 with conventional tools.

Starting from a depth of 6,648 ft., the operator drilled the 1,096 ft. curve with a 2.12° bend in just 11.8 hours. Continuing to drill the lateral section, this operator reached total planned depth of 17,870 ft., drilling the 10,126 ft. lateral section with an average ROP of 131 ft/hr. The complete 11,222 ft. run was drilled at an average ROP of 127 ft/hr in 88.5 IADC bit hours – setting a best-in-class 8.75” run in Duchesne County.

The 8.75” CF613 was designed with a directional profile and CounterForce® technology to help with toolface control in the curve. The overall design pushes performance to achieve multiple objectives and reach the target every time.

About CounterForce® Technology

Counterforce technology from Ulterra is focused on improving drilling dynamics by reducing and harnessing vibrational energy. Counterforce is the first line of defense to get the most from your BHA.

About Uinta Basin

The Uinta Basin in Northeast Utah is home to the Green River system that contains the Uteland Butte target formation.  This play yields black and yellow wax crude oil reserves, which are highly viscous and have a high pour point, which means they become semi-solid at lower temperatures. Source: