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Ulterra Partners with Childhood Cancer Canada to be a #Hero4Kids

6 September 2018

Leduc, Alberta, Canada, September 1, 2018 —

Ulterra, LP is a PDC bit company that is partnering with Childhood Cancer Canada (CCC) to help raise awareness for children fighting cancer across Canada. CCC is the leading national organization dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer.

They take pride in making it their goal to help make each child’s future brighter by providing emotional support to families coping with their child’s diagnosis, and financial support to fund research, clinical trials, and scholarships for childhood cancer survivors.

In honor of September being National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Ulterra Canada will be painting all of their iconic teal bits, purple. They have also donated $10 thousand to CCC, and hosted a kick-off event to let their customers know about this effort.

This is the second year in a row that Ulterra has helped spread awareness with a special target of reaching the oil and gas industry. To help Ulterra raise awareness, please send purple bit pictures to for them to share across various social media channels.

According to CCC, every six hours a child is diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is the leading cause of disease-related deaths among children in Canada. Please help CCC and Ulterra in helping raise awareness for children fighting cancer.

Ulterra is proud to be a #Hero4Kids.

Please visit to learn more or to get involved with Childhood Cancer Canada.