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Operator in the Appalachian Basin Utilizes Ulterra’s Mitigator, Improves Dull Conditions on Air

22 September 2023


Carrol County, Ohio


8.75″ Vertical Section


Ulterra’s 6.75″ Mitigator™

Bit Size/Type


Drilling Objective

An operator drilling in Carrol County, Ohio wanted to reduce the percentage of DBRs in their 8.75” vertical section.


  • Reduce frequency of catastrophic dulls caused by drill bit over-engagement


Collaborating with the customer, our team recommended adding a Mitigator™ to the BHA to reduce torsional shock in the BHA to improve drilling dynamics and bit dull grades.


Across nine runs on air with the Mitigator, this operator:

  • Improved outer dull conditions from 5.75 (standard BHA) to 3.2 (with Mitigator)
  • Increased average footage drilled from 4,045 ft. (standard BHA) to 4,199 ft (with Mitigator)

More Performance Details

AverageStandard BHA (8 Runs)BHA with Mitigator (9 Runs)
Footage4,045 ft.4,199 ft.
Hours32.2 hours38.8 hours
ROP125.8 ft/hr108.3 ft/hr
Inner Dull Grade3.6251.8
Outer Dull Grade5.753.2
DBR %100%33%