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Bapetco Reaches TD with Ulterra’s 8.5″ U616M, Cost Savings of ~$130K

1 April 2019

Drilling in Western Egypt

Drilling with Bapetco, a joint venture between Shell and the Egyptian General Petroleum Cooperation, in Western Egypt involves drilling through multiple formations in the 12.25” and 8.5’’ sections. Starting off with chalky limestone in the Apolonia and Khoman formations in the 12.25” section, then interbedded formation in Abu Rawash Members (shale, limestone, and sandstone), and finishing the hole in the Bahareya in a sandstone formation in the 8.5’’ section. Typically, in this area, it takes at least one bit per section on a motor or RSS assembly to complete the well.

Often, operators run a 12.25”, trip out, and then go back in with two 8.5” bits to finish the second section. Bapetco typically drills the 12.25” section trips out, runs casing, and then drills the 8.5’’ with at least one new bit. The main issue in this area is ensuring the bit is capable of drilling varying chert percentages and keeping the cutters sharp while drilling Abu Rawash and Bahareya to complete the well to TD.

Ulterra’s 8.5″ U616M

In a recent well, the operator changed the casing design combining the 12.25” & 8.5” sections into one long 8.5’’ section. By teaming up with Ulterra, they were able to finish the well with just one bit, resulting in increased ROP and cost savings. The Ulterra bit drilled the whole well to TD, reaching 2,206 meters, replacing at least 2 PDC bits. This resulted in an improved ROP by 60%, reduced CPM by 62%, and saved Bapetco over $130K.