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Breast Cancer Awareness Month, A Survivor’s Story

10 October 2018

On behalf of Terri Parker, we’d like to share her story of hope, fight, and determination with everyone. Terri shared this story with Brock Vasu, an Ulterra Field Representative, and he kindly passed it along to us.

Receiving this story in our inbox was a true reflection of the “why” for why we participate in raising awareness for breast cancer, and other causes throughout the year. Our mission with partnering with different organizations is to provide real value to their cause and to genuinely provide support and raise awareness in the oil and gas industry. It’s personal because cancer is personal, and oilfield is family.

Thank you to everyone who is a part of the cause. We fully encourage you to get creative in your effort to raise awareness, and to let us know how you have made a difference. Please reach out to us at with any stories and/or pictures, so we can make the most out of your effort.

In the words of Terri Parker,

I was born and raised in West Texas. Many of my family members are in the oilfield, from drilling to production.

August 2010 I went for my screening mammogram. The following day, I was called back for more imaging. Couple of days later my doctor had set me up for an MRI. From the reading of the MRI she set me up for surgery. I was terrified. It was all so fast. I demanded a second opinion. The doctor of the second opinion told me I was fine.

In May 2012 I was in the shower felt a lump. The same place where something was seen two years earlier. I was diagnosed with Metaplastic Breast Cancer, a quite rare cancer accounting for only 0.02% of all breast cancers. I underwent surgery for bilateral partial mastectomies and a second surgery to remove my left breast.

I completed six rounds of two different chemotherapies.

I’m a huge advocate for putting your foot down and demanding a biopsy! You know your body better than anyone. Stand up and be heard.

Stay positive! ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! The love and support from my friends, family and my HEAVENLY FATHER have got me where I am today.

I am a customer Sales Representative for Petro Waste Environmental Howard Facility. I’m blessed every day to be able to meet some of the best, nicest, hard working men and women of the oilfield.

I want to thank Brock and everyone at Ulterra for bringing awareness to the oilfield, for the pictures and hearing my story!!

In honor of all my pink sisters and brothers that are survivors, those fighting and ones we have lost.

In loving memory of my sister Jeanie Craig who passed February 9, 2017. She was diagnosed breast cancer as well two months after my diagnosis. #SAVETHETATAS”