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Canadian Operator gets Fastest Heavy-Oil Build Run in Leismer Field

An operator working in the McMurray formation heavy oil sands drills a Canadian Record for the fastest 311mm heavy oil build run using Ulterra’s CounterForce & HOG drill bit.






311 mm

205 m/hr

Oil Sands ROP


Metres Drilled

3.2 hours

Entire Drilling Interval

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An operator in Canada recently partnered with our team to drill their build interval targeting the McMurray formation. The operator utilized Ulterra’s 311 mm CF613 to drill 668 m and achieve a remarkable ROP of 205 m/hr. The entire interval was drilled in just 3.2 hours, setting the fastest heavy-oil build run in Canada.

The 311mm CF613 now holds five of Canada’s top ten 311mm heavy-oil build offsets. With CounterForce® technology, Canadian operators have been able to maximize performance while achieving the high build rates needed for these shallow heavy-oil wells.

About CounterForce® Technology

Counterforce technology from Ulterra is focused on improving drilling dynamics by reducing and harnessing vibrational energy. Counterforce is the first line of defense to get the most from your BHA.

About HOG™ Technology

Ulterra’s Heavy Oil Gauge, HOG technology, is purpose designed to tackle the harsh challenges in Canada’s unique oil sands. Optimizes for drilling SAGD style wells, we double down on gauge protection to improve bit durability for the multi-leg work that’s required for steam-assisted gravity drainage oil recovery techniques.