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Colombian Operator Increases Field ROP by 50% in Llanos Basin

An operator in Colombia set a pad ROP record in the Llanos basin with a Ulterra PDC bit.



PDC Rotary Drilling Bits




Section Consisting of Sandstone and Siltstone

75 ft/hr

Record Pad ROP


Increase in ROP Versus the Previous Record

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An operator in the Llanos Basin in the Akacias field recently partnered with our team in Colombia to drill their 8.5” curve section. In this application, the lithology consists of sandstone and siltstone and requires a drill bit that can withstand hard conditions to achieve target ROPs.

On their recent run of 547 ft., the operator was able to optimize their performance and increase net ROP by more than 50%. Utilizing Ulterra’s 8.5” U616M on rotary BHA, the run was drilled at an ROP of 75 ft/hr – setting the fastest performance on the pad.