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Operator Drills Their Fastest Curve to Date

In the Delaware Basin, an operator drills their fastest one-run curve to date using Ulterra’s Split Blade drill bits to gain the upper edge on control and steerability.



Split BladeSplit Blade

Reeves County, Texas


132 ft/hr

ROP in the Curve

9.25 hr

Record Curve Time

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Recently in Reeves County, a major Delaware Basin operator partnered with our team to drill their fastest curve yet. Utilizing Ulterra’s 8.5″ SPL613, the operator landed the 871 ft. curve in just 9.25 hours. Notably, the bit was on-bottom for 6.6 hours – resulting in an on-bottom ROP of 132 ft/hr. Drilling a portion of the vertical and lateral, the entire 1,195 ft. run averaged 100 ft/hr.

About Split Blade® Technologies

Ulterra’s patented Split Blade technology is the first PDC bit technology aimed at improving cuttings evacuation while simultaneously raising the ceiling on your maximum ROP capability. By separating primary hydraulic flow into dual channels per primary blade, Split Blade technology keeps the cone and shoulder of the bit equally cooled and well cleaned to unleash maximum drilling performance.