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Operator Sets Record Lateral in Leismer Field

Targeting the McMurray formation, an operator recently used Ulterra’s FastBack technology to drill the fastest lateral section on record.





270 mm

254 m/hr

Record Lateral Run

6.2 hr

Lateral Section

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Recently in the Leismer Field, an operator utilized Ulterra’s 270mm U616S to drill a remarkable heavy oil lateral section targeting the McMurray formation. Outpacing all nearby performance, the operator drilled the section at a record ROP of 254 m/hr. The lateral section of 1,588 m. was completed in just 6.2 hours.

About FastBack™ Technologies

Ulterra’s FastBack technology gets the blade out of the way to increase maximum ROP potential. By using superior materials and engineering principles, we can design the bit in a way that focuses more of the drilling energy on the PDC cutters themselves.