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Major Operator 24-Hour Haynesville Footage Record

A major operator in Northern Louisiana recently used Ulterra’s new U611S fitted with FastBack technology to drill a record distance in a 24-hour drilling window.




North Louisiana


2,434 ft/day

Feet Drilled in 24 Hours


More Feet Drilled Than Previous Record

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Recently in the Haynesville Shale, a major operator partnered with our team to set a new operator 24-hour footage record! Utilizing Ulterra’s new 6.75″ U611S, the team drilled 2,434 ft. in a day. Compared to their previous footage record, this run drilled over 18% more feet within this timespan.

About FastBack™ Technology

Ulterra’s FastBack technology gets the blade out of the way to increase maximum ROP potential. By using superior materials and engineering principles, we can design the bit in a way that focuses more of the drilling energy on the PDC cutters themselves.