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Safer at a Distance, Stronger as a Team during COVID-19

19 March 2020

Click here to view CEO & President, John Clunan’s, response to COVID-19.

How Ulterra Responds to COVID-19

Ulterra’s mission in response to COVID-19 is simple – to protect our people and every one of our oilfield customers and partners first. We have made the necessary changes to the way we do business and our people have shown unwavering support and adaptability. In response to the current challenges, we will continue to ensure we are delivering new products and solutions for the industry. 

Working at a Distance

  • All employees worldwide capable of working from home are doing so for at least the next two weeks.
  • All functions that require staff to be on-location have been separated into isolated shifts and physical locations to minimize the risk of exposure.
  • Employees have been advised as a part of the required HSE to sanitize all tools and workstations before and after using them.
  • All face-to-face visits have been postponed or replaced by virtual meetings.
  • All rig-site visits are delivery only, maintaining the recommended 6-feet personal space.
  • Should a team member be symptomatic or diagnosed, protocols are in place to take care of and isolate them.
  • All business travel – other than rig visits – have been halted

Working as a Team

  • Rig coverage in the field will continue to safely ensure our customers have trusted bits on-location. 
  • Account reps are on-call by email, phone, text, or video at all times to help solve drilling problems. Private virtual rooms have been created for each customer-facing employee, with links added to outgoing email signatures.
  • Ulterra has invested in dozens of connected solutions for our employees and customers.

Ulterra has made our IT team available 24/7 to assist both our employees and our customers to get their work done. Contact (or call 1-817-615-2181) for any assistance contacting our people.

Working together to advance the oilfield

  •  We will continue to work with our customers to collect important performance data to ensure relentless, rapid improvement, just like always.
  • We will continue to develop new products and solutions to improve the delivery of successful wells, just like always.
  • We will continue to deliver the right products to rigs on time, just like always.
  • We will continue to work with our vendor partners to maintain our ability to deliver the highest quality products at the fastest pace in the industry, just like always.

We are committed to staying lean, fast, and strong through this and every challenge we face with our chosen industry. Now more than ever, “when every run counts,” you can count on Ulterra to be there, just like always.

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