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Launching SplitBlade for Improved ROP Through Cuttings Evacuation

20 December 2017

Ulterra Drilling Technologies has proudly launched SplitBlade™ as the new SPL product line. Ulterra’s objective is to bring attention and focus to all of their differentiating technologies and the value they create to customers. This nomenclature will help further cement Ulterra’s reputation as an industry leader in innovation, new technology, and performance in the field. Also, the nomenclature will help with the easy identification of advanced pdc bit technology.

SplitBlade now joins CounterForce® as named Utechnology product lines, and choosing SPL as the designation for instances where these products are combined for maximum performance. Now, these advanced technology products can be simply identified by technology, blade count, and cutter size (mm).

cutting evacuations SplitBlade by UlterraIn preparation for this launch, Ulterra has successfully made use of dedicated SplitBlade focused product designers to help manage this growth with integrity. This approach of using a dedicated resource is to ensure high initial quality and future consistency of the product as it grows to meet customer demand.  Additionally, the dedicated designer was tasked with understanding and exploring the limits and capabilities of the SplitBlade technology.

SplitBlade looks different because it is different. The Utechnology uses a unique physical disruption of the typically straight blades to unleash maximum drilling performance with improved hydraulic efficiency. The aesthetics of SplitBlade keeps cuttings separated and provides an exceptional cleaning for the cutting structure. Using CFD, the engineering team decided that splitting the shape of the primary blades with an angular offset would provide designated flow to channels for the fluid and cuttings. This cutting structure allows for cuttings to be evacuated up to seven times faster, compared to conventional designs. The physical separation of the inner and outer cutting structure provides steadfast flow to difficult areas while reducing the risk of balling up the bit.

Ulterra SplitBlade nomenclature stands for quality, credibility, and consistency to improve awareness of the technology, and to improve performance to our valued customers. Ulterra’s team is always striving to create and deliver new innovative technologies that lead to actual improvements. Launching SPL is the next step as Ulterra continues to deliver value leading oil field technologies.