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Ulterra Brings Matrix Drill Bit Manufacturing to Canada with the Expansion of their Canadian Manufacturing Facility

29 May 2019

Leduc, Alberta, Canada, August 15, 2018 —


Ulterra Drilling Technologies, one of the world’s fastest growing suppliers of PDC drill bits for the oil and gas industry, has expanded their manufacturing facility in Leduc, Alberta, Canada. The addition of this facility is part of Ulterra’s overall strategy to increase manufacturing capabilities by 70% worldwide.

The expansion involves the former United Diamond facility outside of Edmonton, where the legendary UD513 steel drill bit was manufactured. (United Diamond was acquired by Ulterra in 2007, who continued to use the United Diamond name in Canada until 2010).

Notably, Ulterra can now manufacture both steel and matrix PDC drill bits at the Leduc facility, marking the first time that matrix body drill bits have been manufactured in Canada. This ability is made possible by investments in mold machining, furnace casting, and finish machining systems within the facility. The expanded facility houses a 140,000 square feet combined manufacturing footprint.

The expansion reflects Ulterra’s position of market leadership and its commitment to the Canadian market. This investment signals Ulterra’s strong growth plans within western Canadian oil and gas fields.

Strategically, the expansion helps diversify Ulterra’s supply chain, ensuring its ability to provide the industry with a stable and uninterrupted flow of both steel and matrix PDC bits worldwide.

“Canada is an important supply chain link to the northern half of the U.S. and the rest of the world,” according to Rocky Frazier, Vice President of Manufacturing at Ulterra. “‘Made in Canada’ is a source of pride in the oil and gas industry. We chose to expand manufacturing in Canada, and we’re proud of the investment we are making to do so.”

Ulterra Drilling Technologies, L.P., is one of the fastest growing drill bit companies in the world, and a top market share leader in North America. As a leader in innovative drill bit designs, Ulterra is driven by the application and advancement of technology, yielding continuous process, product and performance improvements.