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Ulterra’s Leduc Facility Achieved 1,000 Days with No Recordable Incidents

23 January 2018

Tuesday, January 16, 2018, marked 1,000 days since a recordable incident within Ulterra’s Leduc Manufacturing Plant! This milestone is a reminder of Ulterra’s hard-working team, safe working environment, and effective Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental (HSSE) policies.

“Phonebook size safety manuals don’t make a safe workplace.” Said Bryce, Manager of HSSE. “The choice we make every day to work safely and look out for our coworkers as well as quickly and effectively addressing hazards when they arise creates a solid foundation that allows a culture of safety to be created.”

Ulterra has pride in achieving a shared vision of excellence, by managing business activities through a fully integrated Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental Management System. This vision includes properly inspected and maintained premises, plant, and equipment to ensure safety to all employees. It is also Ulterra’s vision to ensure that we provide our team with a suitable environment by providing adequate information, training, and the required supervision. We also make it our obligation to be constantly improving our HSSE processes by reviewing and revising policies, as well as monitoring the compliance and performance of our employees using our HSSE Management System.

At Ulterra, we work to empower our employees to immediately stop work when they encounter any unsafe working conditions and to immediately seek help to correct the problem. We also consider ourselves as responsible corporate citizens and we actively work to minimize our environmental impact.

On behalf on the entire Ulterra team, thank you to our HSSE Team, as well as all employees at the Leduc Manufacturing Plant. Congratulations to everyone who helped make this milestone possible. Here’s to 1,000 more days!