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Breakthrough PDC Bit Design Evacuates Cuttings 200% Faster

23 April 2018

Ulterra Drilling Technologies ( introduces its latest advancement in PDC bit engineering. The patent-pending SplitBlade™ breakthrough design improves cuttings evacuation as much as 200 percent faster than conventional PDC bits.

Splitblade PDC Bit

In Lavaca County, Texas, an Ulterra SplitBlade demonstrated outstanding face control and speed, in addition to cuttings evacuation, drilling an 11,652-foot curve and lateral in under 68 hours.
This bit’s ability to rapidly and efficiently evacuate cuttings is based on a combination of design and hydraulic performance. One factor is the bit’s rotated blade shoulder design. The primary blades separate past the cone to free more area for the junk slot and prevent cuttings recirculation. SplitBlade’ssecond design enhancement is its high-velocity, focused nozzles. The nozzles increase the maximum hydraulic dispersal rate, and the advanced bit hydraulics improve bit tool face cleaning. The dedicated hydraulic flow sweeps the junk slot for reliable cuttings evacuation.

SplitBlade is a solution to cuttings clogging the bit and reduced cutter performance. Standard drill bits accumulate cuttings around the cutters and junk slot. Tool face cuttings accumulation wastes drilling energy. By preventing cutting recirculation SplitBlade focuses all energy to making the hole. Operators can increase ROP by pushing beyond the previous performance limitation.

For more information and SplitBlade images call 1-888- 858-3772.

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