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Ulterra’s Leduc Manufacturing Facility Has No Recordable Injuries for Three Years

23 April 2018

According to the Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta, the manufacturing, processing, and packaging sector had the highest injury claim rates in 2016. In this sector, the odds of being injured were about every three out of 100 workers. Ulterra’s Leduc Manufacturing Facility has beat those odds, and are proud to announce that their Leduc manufacturing facility has had no recordable injuries for three years.

After completing a successful Health and Safety Management System audit, a certification of recognition (COR) was issued to Ulterra. This COR ensures that Ulterra’s safety standards are in compliance with Alberta’s audit standard for health and safety systems. Ulterra’s health and safety management system is a process that’s in place to eradicate injury and maximize safety. Although their safety standards meet the requirements of their provincial legislation, their desire for a safe workplace is what drives the effort to work incident-free.

The key to their success is the commitment of everyone at every level — from plant managers to their latest new hires. Another effort that has helped ensure safety is monthly inspections. An internal team composed of both plant managers and shop employees conduct these inspections. Manager of HSSE, Bryce Cook, said: “Everyone understands the importance of safety, both for their own welfare and for business operations.”

This is a huge accomplishment for the entire manufacturing team in Leduc, Canada, and for Ulterra as a whole. Ulterra’s Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental (HSSE) team works hard to ensure a safe workplace for all employees. This is all made possible by managing business operations through an HSSE Management System that is consistently improving, as well as the continuous effort of employees to be compliant every day they come to work.

On behalf of the entire Ulterra team, congratulations to all employees at Leduc.