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Operator Drills Fastest Surface Hole to Date

A Canadian Operator working out of the Pembina oil field in Alberta sets a record surface run using Ulterra’s Split Blade drill bits.



Split BladeSplit Blade


251 mm

3.7 Hours

Surface Drilling Hours

149 m/hr

Average ROP

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An operator in Canada recently partnered with our team to drill their 251 mm surface hole in the Pembina field. Utilizing Ulterra’s 251 mm SPL625, the operator achieved the fastest comparable surface run in the area. The 550 m drilling operation was completed in just 3.7 hours – achieving a top ROP of 149 m/hr.

This particular 251mm SPL625 is equipped with Split Blade®, CounterForce®, and FastBack™ technologies – known as the Ulterra ‘trifecta’ – which creates a powerful combination of vibration reduction, cuttings evacuation improvement, and maximum ROP potential to help operators push the limit on their performance.

About Pembina Field

Named after the Pembina river, the Pembina oilfield is one of the largest conventional plays in the province of Alberta, Canada. Second only to the oil sands found in the McMurray formation, the formation is estimated to have 1.81 billion barrels of recoverable reserves and was discovered in 1953 by Mobil Oil. The three main plays in the field are the Cardium Formation, Viking Formation, and Fernie Formation.  References: A.R. Nielsen, F.R. Michaelis, H.K. Roessingh and W.D. MacDonald. Cardium Symposium. Journal of the Alberta Society of Petroleum Geologists, Vol. 5 (1957), No. 4.

About Split Blade® Technologies

Ulterra’s patented Split Blade technology is the first PDC bit technology aimed at improving cuttings evacuation while simultaneously raising the ceiling on your maximum ROP capability. By separating primary hydraulic flow into dual channels per primary blade, Split Blade technology keeps the cone and shoulder of the bit equally cooled and well cleaned to unleash maximum drilling performance.

About CounterForce® Technology

The Original UTechnology, Counterforce technology from Ulterra is focused on improving drilling dynamics by reducing and harnessing vibrational energy. Counterforce is the first line of defense to get the most from your BHA.

About FastBack™ Technology

Ulterra’s FastBack technology gets the blade out of the way to increase maximum ROP potential. By using superior materials and engineering principles, we can design the bit in a way that focuses more of the drilling energy on the PDC cutters themselves.