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Ulterra’s Patriot Bit Performs Double-Duty for Blue Dome Operating

Partnering with Cactus 159 and MS Directional, Blue Dome Operating drilled a 12.5-hour curve with the U611S ‘Patriot’, before swapping their BHA and running a second Patriot bit in their lateral for 5,338 ft to TD the well.



PDC Rotary Drilling Bits

Caddo Parish, Louisiana



On a recent run in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, Cactus 159 of Blue Dome Operating partnered with MS Directional and our team to drill their entire curve and lateral section.

Utilizing Ulterra’s newly designed 6.75″ Patriot U611S and a 2° MultiShot motor, Cactus 159 drilled their curve, set up on 10°/100 ft., in a remarkable 12.5 hours. After drilling 4,534 ft. of lateral, the bit was pulled for BHA – drilling a total of 5,775’ at 105 ft/hr. Another 6.75″ U611S was dispatched to reach TD, drilling the remaining 5,338 ft. at 80 ft/hr.

Overall, Cactus 159 drilled the 11,113 ft. production hole at a remarkable ROP of 91 ft/hr – showcasing the full capabilities of the 6.75″ Patriot U611S.

About Patriot PDC Bits

Ulterra’s Patriot PDC bits are made for the slim hole Haynesville drilling application. Patriot bits employ an aggressive bit body and junk slot setup that offers maximum cleaning capability for the high clay shales in the Haynesville. By addressing the need for high quality bit cleaning, Patriot bits achieve new levels of drilling performance to deliver operational value to our customers.

About Cactus Drilling Company

Cactus is the largest privately held domestic land drilling contractor in the United States. They provide competent, motivated personnel utilizing premium equipment to meet and exceed the drilling requirements of their customers. The vision and objective of their employees is to provide maximum value to customers… and to be the “Contractor of Choice”. Source:

About MS Directional

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, MS Directional is ranked as a leading independent directional drilling services company with an established presence in most major producing onshore oil and gas basins in the United States. Source: