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Ulterra’s North Dakota Team Achieved Record Revenue/Rig in December

29 February 2016

Ulterra’s North Dakota team proudly achieved record revenue/rig for the month of December. This success was attributed to the entire team putting in the extra effort to get every sale.

Tyler Becker, North Dakota Operations Manager, provided outstanding leadership and mentoring skills as he built a solid foundation with his team. With his guidance, the North Dakota field sales force became more competent with the Bakken/Three Forks applications, significantly grew BRR%, built solid relationships with company men and directional personnel, and were resilient about overcoming objections. The Denver Sales Team and each of the National Account Hubs were in daily communication with the team in North Dakota. The group worked well together to make sales and increase market share as they penetrated a large percentage of the Basin. Casey Dalla Betta, Lead Engineer for Western U.S., also continually contributed outstanding work for the sales team to bring to the customers. “I’m extremely proud of what North Dakota has become, and look forward to seeing what they can accomplish in 2016” said Chris Bourdeon, Rockies/North Dakota Area Manager.