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Ulterra’s Fort Worth Manufacturing Facility Achieved 365 Days with No Recordables

11 March 2016

Safety has always been an integral part of Ulterra’s mission since its inception. Over the past couple of years, Ulterra has implemented new initiatives and has placed increased emphasis on every aspect of its safety performance. The result of this emphasis had Ulterra announcing in the summer of 2015 that it had a full year of zero recordable incidents in its Fort Worth Repair & Steel Facilities.

The continued initiatives have resulted in a new and incredible safety milestone within Ulterra’s Fort Worth Manufacturing Facility by achieving 365 days with no recordable incidents as of October 30th, 2015. This was the first time Ulterra’s Fort Worth Manufacturing Plant has achieved this goal.

Ulterra would like to thank all of its plant employees for making safety a priority in their daily routine as this is just another stepping stone for Ulterra. This achievement was made possible by total commitment from not only the floor workers and machinists, but also the plant management and office personnel. The safety work performance of all of Ulterra shops is a continuous, combined effort from shop crews and management. Daily safety meetings are essential to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of the potential hazards that accompany their jobs and how to resolve such hazards. With this dedication to a safety program, Ulterra looks forward to setting future safety goals.

Not only is safety improvement critical to the health and wellbeing of Ulterra’s employees, it shows to the industry that Ulterra takes pride in every detail of its company. While this is a great accomplishment to take pride in, Ulterra is already working towards year two with no recordables.