Ulterra Successfuly Completed the Annual API Quality Management System Audit

On January 15, 2016, Ulterra successfully completed the annual surveillance audit for maintaining the API Spec Q1 registration, ISO 9001, and API 7-1 Monogram license. The audit was a success and resulted in Ulterra being able to retain existing quality certifications. The API Spec Q1 and ISO 9001 registrations apply to the design, manufacture, and servicing of PDC matrix and steel body drill bits. Ulterra maintains these certifications to let our customers know that we are serious about the quality of our design, manufacture, and repair process of PDC drill bits.

  • The API Spec Q1 9th Edition registration means that Ulterra’s facilities conform to the quality system requirements of API Spec Q1, as confirmed by API.
  • The ISO 9001:2008 registration means that Ulterra’s facilities conform to the quality system requirements of ISO 9001, as confirmed by the APIQR (American Petroleum Institute Quality Registrar).
  • The API Spec 7-1 Monogram License means that Ulterra’s quality management system (QMS) is in compliance with API Spec Q1 and that Ulterra meets the technical product requirements of API Spec 7-1. The API 7-1 Monogram mark on products is a warranty by Ulterra to API and its purchasers that the marked products comply in every aspect with API 7-1 at the time of manufacture.

The API 7-1 Monogram is somewhat standard among major players in the industry, but Ulterra is very unique in that we include service (repair) in our API Q1 and ISO 9001 scope of registration. That means that we are the only major bit company to hold our repaired bits to the same high standards of new bits.

Ulterra API Spec Q1 Registration No. Q1-1858

Ulterra ISO 9001-2008 Registration No. 1989

Ulterra API Spec 7-1 Monogram License No. 7-1-1141

Ulterra API Spec 7-1 Monogram License No. 7-1-1199

Ulterra’s Fort Worth Manufacturing Facility Achieved 365 Days with No Recordables

Safety has always been an integral part of Ulterra’s mission since its inception. Over the past couple of years, Ulterra has implemented new initiatives and has placed increased emphasis on every aspect of its safety performance. The result of this emphasis had Ulterra announcing in the summer of 2015 that it had a full year of zero recordable incidents in its Fort Worth Repair & Steel Facilities.

The continued initiatives have resulted in a new and incredible safety milestone within Ulterra’s Fort Worth Manufacturing Facility by achieving 365 days with no recordable incidents as of October 30th, 2015. This was the first time Ulterra’s Fort Worth Manufacturing Plant has achieved this goal.

Ulterra would like to thank all of its plant employees for making safety a priority in their daily routine as this is just another stepping stone for Ulterra. This achievement was made possible by total commitment from not only the floor workers and machinists, but also the plant management and office personnel. The safety work performance of all of Ulterra shops is a continuous, combined effort from shop crews and management. Daily safety meetings are essential to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of the potential hazards that accompany their jobs and how to resolve such hazards. With this dedication to a safety program, Ulterra looks forward to setting future safety goals.

Not only is safety improvement critical to the health and wellbeing of Ulterra’s employees, it shows to the industry that Ulterra takes pride in every detail of its company. While this is a great accomplishment to take pride in, Ulterra is already working towards year two with no recordables.

Ulterra’s North Dakota Team Achieved Record Revenue/Rig in December

Ulterra’s North Dakota team proudly achieved record revenue/rig for the month of December. This success was attributed to the entire team putting in the extra effort to get every sale. Tyler Becker, North Dakota Operations Manager, provided outstanding leadership and mentoring skills as he built a solid foundation with his team. With his guidance, the North Dakota field sales force became more competent with the Bakken/Three Forks applications, significantly grew BRR%, built solid relationships with company men and directional personnel, and were resilient about overcoming objections. The Denver Sales Team and each of the National Account Hubs were in daily communication with the team in North Dakota. The group worked well together to make sales and increase market share as they penetrated a large percentage of the Basin. Casey Dalla Betta, Lead Engineer for Western U.S., also continually contributed outstanding work for the sales team to bring to the customers. “I’m extremely proud of what North Dakota has become, and look forward to seeing what they can accomplish in 2016” said Chris Bourdeon, Rockies/North Dakota Area Manager.

Ulterra’s Recent Success with Ecopetrol in Colombia

Ulterra’s Latin America team has made huge strides over the past few years in attracting new customers and gaining market share. Last year, Ecopetrol in Colombia awarded Ulterra with its 2nd highest contract with 25% of their bit runs. Every quarter, Ecopetrol re-evaluates the service companies based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) including quality of service, performance of existing bits, and introduction of new designs. Within just 1 year and 4 positive KPI evaluations, Ulterra is now the top drill bit provider with Ecopetrol with 63% of their drill bit runs. This is due to consistently impressing the rigs and offices with our customer service and continuously selecting the right bit for the operator’s needs. A huge part of this success is attributed to the excellent work coming out of Ulterra’s UGS facility. Ecopetrol has very strict repair criteria for running used bits and Ulterra is the only Ecopetrol bit provider allowed to get 6 runs on a serial number.

This growth with Ecopetrol in Colombia is gaining speed across the rest of Latin America as operators in Mexico and Argentina are catching wind of this success.

Ulterra CounterForce™ and TorkBuster® a Winning Combination for Major Operator in Central Australia

A major operator in central Australia recently achieved significant time and cost savings thanks to the combination of the Ulterra TorkBuster matched with the U513M CounterForce drill bit. The combination of TorkBuster and CounterForce proved to be a rock destruction solution within the challenging Permian, with the operator increasing ROP by 52% and achieving total savings of $150,000.

Download PDFCounterForce and TorkBuster a Winning Combination

Ulterra’s Fort Worth Repair Facility Hits 365 Days with No Recordables

Ulterra’s Fort Worth Repair Facility recently achieved 365 days with no recordable incidents. This type of performance represents a tremendous improvement from the previous year and was made possible by total commitment from everyone in the facility.

Download PDFUlterra’s Fort Worth Repair Facility Hits 365 Days with No Recordables

American Oil & Gas Reporter April 2015

As seen in the American Oil & Gas Reporter in the April 2015 issue, Casey Dalla Betta and Aron Deen speak about Ulterra’s response to the evolving needs of an industry focused on drilling deeper targets and longer laterals more efficiently and safer than ever. Whatever the target reservoir, the success of any bit design can be measured in three words: steerability, durability and speed. Success in each of these measures is what Ulterra’s OneShot technology is all about.

Download PDFAmerican Oil & Gas Reporter April 2015

OneShot Williston Update

Ulterra is proud to announce that the 8.75” U516M U02224 has earned the OneShotTM designation for curve applications in the Williston Basin. OneShot™ is a special, elite designation earned by a bit consistently achieving outstanding performance in a directional application; with performance being proven, as this status is not easy to attain.  To date, only two Ulterra bits have earned OneShot designation.

Download PDFOneShot Williston Update