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Ulterra’s 9.875″ XP616 Drills Well Below the Brushy Canyon

Drilling in the Brushy Canyon

The Brushy Canyon is a well-known troublesome formation in Southeastern New Mexico that consists mainly of sandstone but contains some limestone lenses and thin beds of shale and chert. The inconsistency of drilling in this “ratty” formation leads to many drilling problems. The formation top is typically located at 7,000-8,000 ft. TVD and has a thickness of about 1,000 ft.

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benny the bit

Benny the Bit

An Original Ulterra Story

Benny the Bit is a 2018 children’s picture book created in-house at Ulterra. Originally released and created for Ulterra’s Family Fun Day, Benny the Bit helps illustrate the journey of a drill bit, Ulterra’s manufacturing process, and the secret power of teal. The creation of this book was driven by the desire to teach our employees’ young kids about what their parents do here at Ulterra and to create a bigger picture of the oil and gas industry that they can easily understand.
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2019 E&P Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation

Ulterra’s SplitBlade Wins the 2019 E&P Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation

Ulterra is proud to announce that Hart Energy’s distinguished panel of judges have chosen SplitBlade™ as one of the winning technologies for the 2019 E&P Special Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation (MEA). The MEA recognizes new technologies that reflect excellence in innovation and practicality while having the potential to improve efficiency, safety, and profitability. MEA entries are judged based on the impact they have, both technically and economically, on changing and developing the energy industry.

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What is Air Drilling?

Air drilling technology is considered to be a cost-effective drilling method for operators – requiring minimal cleanup and disposal of fluid on the surface. Another huge benefit of air drilling is that it’s faster, but operators usually only drill the first 30-40 degrees of the curve on air.

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Ulterra PDC Bit and MORE Global Water Provision Story  petey the pdc

Ulterra PDC Bit and MORE Global Water Provision Story Part 3

Petey, the PDC drill bit, was sent off to Kenya roughly a year ago and he is still helping to provide water to those in need. The chance to provide a drill bit to assist MORE came across us and we said, “YES,” to the opportunity to help the global water crisis. To read the full story of Petey’s journey traveling from Ulterra’s Manufacturing Facility to Kenya, view the post on More-Water.Org.

Where is Petey now? Well, he is still drilling roughly 15-20 ft per day and proudly reaching more water.

This story originally appeared on the More Blog.

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Blackstone Announces Acquisition of Ulterra Drilling Technologies from American Securities

Blackstone Energy Partners Announces Acquisition of Ulterra Drilling Technologies from American Securities

Ulterra purchased by Blackstone

 NEW YORK, October 23, 2018 – Blackstone Energy Partners announced today that it has entered into binding agreements to acquire a controlling, majority interest in Ulterra Drilling Technologies (“Ulterra” or the “Company”) from affiliates of American Securities LLC. American Securities and certain members of management will retain a minority equity interest in the Company going forward. Financial terms were not disclosed. The transaction is expected to close prior to year-end 2018.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month, A Survivor’s Story

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, A Survivor’s Story

On behalf of Terri Parker, we’d like to share her story of hope, fight, and determination with everyone. Terri shared this story with Brock Vasu, an Ulterra Field Representative, and he kindly passed it along to us.

Receiving this story in our inbox was a true reflection of the “why” for why we participate in raising awareness for breast cancer, and other causes throughout the year. Our mission with partnering with different organizations is to provide real value to their cause and to genuinely provide support and raise awareness in the oil and gas industry. It’s personal because cancer is personal, and oilfield is family.

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